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Greetings and thank you for dropping by to visit my web site!

Perhaps we have already met, or you’ve heard about my network
consulting practice from one of my clients and/or acquaintances.
In any case, please feel free to look around.

I built this site to be a resource to you to assess whether or not my
services and credentials would make a good match
with your needs in the areas of computer networking and security.

I am a network engineer and former network administrator.  With
around 20 years of
industry experience in networking/security, I have
been privileged to build up a
skill set that has enabled me to fruitfully serve a wide variety of colleagues and clients, in small local networks as well as across a complex and widely distributed enterprise network.  I offer on-site network engineering services to organizations in Indiana’s Marion/Huntington/Wabash region.  I am also remotely serving clients across the US and around the globe.

Enough about me.  I want to know YOUR story.  Are you concerned about the security of your network?  Are you having trouble resolving a network problem?  Is there a change you’d like to make to your network that you need help with?  Call me and I’ll hear you out and then do my best to make you successful at maximizing the power of your network infrastructure to advance your organization’s goals.


To contact me:


Kevin Branch

Phone: 765-251-7450

Fax: 702-537-3507